XLPE Insulated PVC Sheathed Cables

Xlpe Cable Supplier In India

Cross linked polyethene (XLPE) is a thermosetting material obtained by forming cross linkages in polythene molecules. In the past two decades PVC had been the preferred material for Insulating cables. It suffered from inherent disadvantages because of its thermoplastic nature. This restricted the maximum operating temperature of the conductor and its ability to withstand thermal overloads. It also had high dielectric loss which it made it use uneconomical in cables.

Technical Advantages of XLPE vis-a-vis PVC

  • Higher Current rating
  • Higher short circuit rating(approx 1.2 times than PVC)
  • Higher insulation resistance(1000 times more than PVC insulating cables)
  • Higher resistance to moisture(1000 times more than PVC)
  • Better resistance to surge currents
  • Has better resistance to most chemicals, oils and acids etc.
  • Low dielectric losses
  • Better resistance to chemicals and corrosive gases etc
  • Comparatively higher cable operating temperature of 90oC and short circuit temperature of 250o C.
  • Smaller bending radius.

Commercial Advantages

  • Lower laying cost because of comparatively smaller diameter of cable and lighter weight.
  • Requires less size of cable tray/supports
  • One size lower cable can be used as compared to PVC insulated cables.
  • Longer service life.


  • XLPE cables can also be used with FRLS PVC sheathing to meet flame retardant low smoke properties.

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